How can I retreive my password?
If you cannot remember your password go to the login page, enter your username into the “Username” field, and then click the button labelled “Get Lost Password”. Your password will be mailed to the address you provided when you signed up.

How can I retrieve my username?
You will have to contact our support department. We will need to ask you several questions to verify your identity, then we can give you your username. If you cannot remember your password as well then you will need to use the “Get Lost Password” utility described above.

Does my site have to be science fiction related to be hosted by you?
While hyperjump.net hosts primarily science fiction web sites and is thus designed for science fiction webmasters you can host a web site with whatever content you desire (as long as it abides by our terms of service).

I am having troubles uploading files, what could it be?
There are several things that can cause this problem. For the most up-to-date record of things we have found in our support forum. If the post doesn’t help post a message in the forum or send an e-mail to our support staff.